RESTA DI STUCCO - Distributed museum

Locarno, TI, Switzerland; Bellinzona, TI, Switzerland; Torricella-Taverne, TI, Switzerland; Comano, TI, Switzerland; Lugano, TI, Switzerland; Curio, TI, Switzerland; Morcote, TI, Switzerland; Bissone, TI, Switzerland; Arogno, TI, Switzerland; Riva San Vitale, TI, Switzerland; Mendrisio, TI, Switzerland; Coldrerio, TI, Switzerland; Balerna, TI, Switzerland; Morbio Inferiore, TI, Switzerland; Castel San Pietro, TI, Switzerland; Breggia, TI, Switzerland
Est. 91.7km / 2 hrs 36 mins / Map

RESTA DI STUCCO - Distributed museum - Cya On The Road

Resta di stucco ◆ is a distributed museum, an experience of meeting and discovery of stucco decorations in Ticino, which connects places, works and artists ◆ it is a map that connects the proposed routes and allows you to organize tailor-made itineraries; is a free digital guide with unique audio and visual content ◆ it is a digital platform to explore small and large masterpieces and to learn about plasterers, the art of stucco and the organization of workshops ◆ it is a program of activities on the territory to approach the art of stucco with meetings, guided tours and practical workshops.  Project TeamSUPSI, Institute of materials and constructionsProject ManagerGiacinta JeanResearchersMarta CaroselliAlberto FeliciAnastasia GilardiGiovani NicoliMassimo RomeriResearch assistantElisa Malnati SUPSI, Design InstituteProject ManagerLuca MoriciDesignerGiancarlo GianoccaArianna SicilianoDesirée VeschettiAudio readingsElisabetta LazzaroniResearch assistantSophie Sprugasci

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