Phi Phi Islands

Thailand; Krabi, Thailand
Est. 63.3km / 1 hr 56 mins / Map

Phi Phi Islands - Cya On The Road

The Phi Phi Islands (Thai: หมู่เกาะพีพี) are a group of six islands in the Andaman Sea, lying about 40 kilometers southeast of Phuket and about the same distance from Krabi, with the two main islands being Phi Phi Leh and Phi Phi Don. The islands are largely made of limestone and are known for their towering limestone cliffs, white-sand beaches, and crystal-clear waters. Phi Phi Leh is completely uninhabited, while Phi Phi Don has hotels, restaurants, and more. The islands are known for their limestone hills, turquoise lagoons, and the world-famous beach at Maya Bay.The Phi Phi Islands are thought to have been inhabited for thousands of years, with archaeological evidence suggesting that the islands were one of the oldest communities in Thailand. The name Phi Phi is thought to come from the Malay word "api-api", meaning "fiery tree", which refers to the mangrove trees that are found on the islands.In the late 19th century, the Phi Phi Islands were a popular destination for sea gypsies, who would come to the islands to fish and collect pearls. In the early 20th century, the islands became a popular destination for coconut plantations. However, the coconut plantations were abandoned in the 1950s and the islands remained largely uninhabited until the 1970s, when they began to develop into a popular tourist destination.The Phi Phi Islands became famous worldwide in 2000 after the release of the movie "The Beach", which was filmed on the islands. The movie led to a surge in tourism to the Phi Phi Islands, and the islands are now one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand.In 2004, the Phi Phi Islands were devastated by the Indian Ocean tsunami. The tsunami killed over 800 people on the islands and destroyed much of the infrastructure. However, the islands have since recovered and are once again a popular tourist destination.Today, the Phi Phi Islands are a popular destination for backpackers, families, and couples alike. The islands offer a variety of activities, including swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, diving, and hiking. The islands are also home to a number of restaurants and bars, as well as a variety of accommodation options.The Phi Phi Islands are a beautiful and unique destination that offer something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a relaxing beach vacation or an adventurous outdoor experience, the Phi Phi Islands are the perfect place to visit.The best time to visit the Phi Phi Islands is between November and April. The weather is pleasant around this time, with temperatures ideally ranging between 23°C and 30°C. This makes it the perfect weather for tourist activities. December is the coldest month in Phi Phi Islands, while February is the driest month. If you want to save money and want some peace, you can travel to Phi Phi Islands towards the end of the monsoon season in October. Temperatures will start to cool down, staying in the late twenties, and humidity too will begin tapering off.You can visit the Phi Phi islands on a day trip by boat from Phuket, Krabi, Khao Lak, or Koh Lanta. This gives you enough time to see Maya Bay and the other main sights, or you can stay a few days on Phi Phi Don and do even more exploring.

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