Camping from Marmaris to Antalya!

Marmaris, Turkiye; Rhodes, Notio Aigaio, Greece; Datça, Turkiye; Ula, Turkiye; Mentese, Turkiye; Mugla, Turkiye; Köycegiz, Turkiye; Ortaca, Turkiye; Dalaman, Turkiye; Fethiye, Turkiye; Kas, Turkiye; Demre, Turkiye; Finike, Turkiye; Kumluca, Turkiye; Kemer, Turkiye; Konyaalti, Turkiye; Muratpasa, Turkiye; Kepez, Turkiye
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Camping from Marmaris to Antalya! - Cya On The Road

The sea air cleanses your mind, the bustle of everyday days remains somewhere far behind, the wind caresses your face, and the waves are always happy to walk with you on soft sand or hot pebbles!ATTENTION: For the audio guide to work correctly, install the application from izi-TRAVEL.Budget tour from Russia through Georgia to Marmaris - Antalya and back (for 30 days no more than $ 1000 with the road) on the campsites of the Aegean and Mediterranean coast.To start the tour, take the train to Vladikavkaz. Then you should get from Vladikavkaz to Tbilisi. If you have any questions about the trip, please contact us for more information!Note: you can go on the tour yourself, without the participation of a guide!Ordering a guide to accompany the trip.When ordering a guide, we meet in Tbilisi and get to Batumi. Excursions and beach holidays on the Black Sea will be held in Batumi for 2-3 days. It is possible to pass Georgia - in transit. After a rest (or overnight stay) in Batumi, we go to Turkey to Marmaris and start this incredible tour!Traveling to campsites in Turkey is the best option for a budget holiday, where you can come in a mobile home, with a tent or rent an awning right on the spot for a comfortable stay. In Turkish campsites you can use common facilities: kitchen, toilet with shower, Wi-Fi, laundry. And if you have decided on a picnic, you can use the barbecue and have a barbecue for the whole family or just order delicious food at an affordable price, directly from the owners of the campsite!Our audio guide will help you to make an independent trip without additional costs and regardless of large groups with a guide. You will decide for yourself which places are worth visiting and which are not. In addition, you are not tied by time to the beginning or duration of the trip: your tour starts when it is convenient for you, and the walk lasts as long as you wish. Thanks to the advantages of this audio guide, you will be able to truly enjoy incredible views while being in the best and little-known places and beaches of Turkey. From our audio guide you will learn about all the subtleties of this tour, how and how to get to a particular place where you can exchange currency or buy a SIM card. The audio guide will become your indispensable information tool while traveling in Turkey from Marmaris to Antalya!Information about the resort town of Marmaris:City Marmaris is located on the shore of a small bay and is surrounded by mountains on all sides. This is an incredibly beautiful place. The entrance to the bay constantly protects the island of impressive size, so strong storms and high waves will never reach the shore.Marmaris is located at the confluence of two seas — the Mediterranean and the Aegean. The mild maritime climate of the city combined with coniferous forests makes this resort attractive for tourists. There are quite a lot of attractions and entertainment that you can see and where to go.Marmaris is a place where dreams of a paradise vacation come true, one of the best resorts in Turkey and a recognized sailing center. The air here is very clean, people come here who want to improve their health. The beaches of Marmaris are sandy, there are also small pebbles. The cleanest water is at the resorts of Ichmeler and Turunch in the vicinity of Marmaris, where the bottom is rocky. Visibility is up to several tens of meters. The city beach of Marmaris stretches as much as 12 km, so you can easily find a place for yourself.There are many interesting sights around Marmaris. For example, for those who want to visit Greece at one time, an excursion to the Greek island of Rhodes is popular. To order additional excursions in Marmaris and other incredible places in Turkey, follow this link. At the beginning of the tour of Marmaris, you can explore many ancient ruins, terraces of ancient temples, seaports, Roman baths, Kyz-kumu beach and other objects. Follow the news: this audio guide is updated daily with new information!We wish you a pleasant stay!  

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