Sightseeing tour of the Old Town

Lutskyi raion, Ukraine
Est. 2.9km / 59 mins

Sightseeing tour of the Old Town - Cya On The Road

So, today you have a great opportunity to get acquaintance with ancient and glorious city of Lutsk - one of the oldest cities of Ukraine.First mention of Lutsk was in 1085 in Hypatian Chronicles. Back then, the town was central in the internecine battle of Yaroslav the Wise descendants. It means that the city was founded much earlier. Archeologists suppose it was built nearly the year of 1000.There are several versions, concerning the origin of the name Lutsk or Luchesk. One of them is related to its geographical location on the river Styr. Scholars claim that the name comes from the anthroponym Luka, who may have been the founder of a town on the banks of the river Styr.There is also romantic tale when it comes to the name of city. It's about a little local boy who helped the community graze their cattle. One sunny day Lutsko was peacefully grazing cattle by the river Styr. Suddenly he noticed the large wooden barrel in the water. The kid was extremely interested to know what it was. He pulled it out of the water and saw an old piece of parchment. This turned out to be an approval to found a new city. The place had already been chosen, so the kid thought: “My name is Lutsko, then let the city be called Lutsk!”Today Lutsk is the regional center of Volyn region with a total number of 218 thousand inhabitants. Our city is multicultural, intellectual, attractive to tourists, forward-looking and full of the past spirit. We kindly invited to take a tour of our city. We hope you’ll find our audio guide helpful.

by Центр туристичної інформації м. Луцька
Ми любимо Луцьк - старовинне та водночас сучасне місто. Тому ми із великим задоволенням допоможемо Вам під час Вашого перебування у Луцьку!

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