Chyhyryn. Walk through the old town

Chyhyrynskyi raion, Ukraine
Est. 1.8km / 40 mins / Map

Chyhyryn. Walk through the old town - Cya On The Road

The route “Chyhyryn. Walk through the old town” gives the unique opportunity to watch a small county town Chyhyryn of 1910-1915.The postcards of the urban landscapes became very popular at the beginning of the XX century. But Chyhyryn citizens hadn’t such postcards of the landscapes of its town in the first decade of the XX century. The guests of the town described it: “…even the photograher… hadn’t any picture of Chyhyryn. Maybe it is luxury for locals…” (Ravita-Havronskyi). Really, not everyone could buy such postcards. Its cost was 5-10 kop. even without stamps.   Michael Skvirskyi printed postcards of the historical landscape of Chyhyryn in 1910-1915. Michael Skvirskyi was the owner of the book, writing and photo instruments shop. Near 50 kinds of postcards were printed. It was dedicated to important places for Chyhyryn citizens where they spent week days and holidays - the main centers of social activity: streets, religious buildings, market, county administration, and the bridge across the Tiasmyn, Zamkova Hill. The postcards connected Chyhyryn and its citizens with the rest of the world, revealing the face of the town.

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