Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Middle Dnieper (Archeology Department)

Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi raion, Ukraine
Est. --- / 30 mins

Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Middle Dnieper (Archeology Department) - Cya On The Road

Pereiaslav and its surroundings are extremely rich in archaeological sites of different eras, dating from the Stone Age and ending with the Cossack era of the 17th - 18th centuries. This indisputable fact was the main impetus for the creation of a section in the museum, which would present the monuments of ancient eras, which would logically complement the main ethnographic exposition of the old Ukrainian village dated the XIX- early XX centuries. The exposition of the museum was later enriched with materials of particularly interesting archaeological studies from all over Ukraine. The exposition presents individual archaeological sites that were transported in the monolith or were reconstructed. These objects dated from the most ancient epochs (Stone Age, Bronze Age), Slavic, and Cossack times. All this, in general, gives an idea of the history and culture development that belonged to the territory of the Dnieper Ukraine (Ukrainian: Наддніпрянщина, Naddnipryanshchyna: "over Dnieper land", usually refers to the territory on either side of the middle course of the Dnieper River).

by Національний історико-етнографічний заповідник ”Переяслав”
Національний історико-етнографічний заповідник ”Переяслав” – один з провідних і найбільших наукових та культурно-освітніх закладів України.

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