Folk crafts

Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi raion, Ukraine
Est. 533m / 23 mins

Folk crafts - Cya On The Road

Folk crafts were an integral part of the culture and the way of life of traditional Ukrainian society. On the one hand, folk crafts were related to the economy and the development of natural resources. On the other hand, they were part of the spiritual culture of the people, as they reflected the creativity and knowledge of the nation. The crafts were used to make things to order or sell and to meet personal household needs. The geographical location of Ukraine and its natural resources had contributed to the development of a large number of crafts.

by Національний історико-етнографічний заповідник ”Переяслав”
Національний історико-етнографічний заповідник ”Переяслав” – один з провідних і найбільших наукових та культурно-освітніх закладів України.

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