Babyn Yar

Kyiv, Ukraine
Est. --- / 40 mins / Map

Babyn Yar - Cya On The Road

Babyn Yar is a symbol of the Holocaust in Ukraine. During the occupation of Kyiv in 1941-1943, this peaceful tract on the outskirts of the city became a site of the mass executions and a large fraternal grave, over 100,000 civilians, the vast majority of whom were Jews, perished here. During our excursion, we will pass along the Alley of Sorrow, get acquainted with historical facts, will learn about the Old Jewish cemetery and the Kurenivka mudslide tragedy, will see the monuments to those who perished from the Nazi bullets on a national or political basis. Will learn more about the terrible tragedy of the Second World War in order to remember and never repeat it again..Ravines are coming upon me, time is coming upon me,And again, I am alone and with all: you are dead, but you have not died.This memory is in me forever, this blood will never be wiped off;I'm scared to drink from the well, I do not know where the blood is, where the water is.For a quarter of a century, I dream that year, a quarter of a century little HannusaApproaching me with a weird smile, pressing her violin to the chest.A terrible moat... The edge is falling .. Every day her song gets quieter.But play, don’t stop and play, Because we remember and hear.(Riva Balusnaya)

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