Walk along the embankment under the linden trees

Uzhhorodskyi raion, Ukraine
Est. 562m / 11 mins / Map

Walk along the embankment under the linden trees - Cya On The Road

This route begins near the "wall of death". Tour author Tetiana Literati will tell you all about this part of the city embankment and why it was named like that. By listening to the audio tours, residents and guests of Uzhhorod will be able to learn in what year the alley of linden trees was laid. This tour will shed light on the history of the Jewish neighborhood and show where the shochet lived. You will also learn under whose house a bomb shelter was equipped and where where the Small Uzh flowed.Tetiana is an honored journalist of Ukraine. She is famous both in Transcarpathia and abroad. She is used to working with archival data to tell the public about important pages in the history of Uzhhorod in the project "Lost Uzhhorod". It began with articles on the website "About the West" and was transformed into a series of books. In 2017, the book “Uzhhorod. Uninvented Stories ” was published, and in 2018 - its second part “Lost Uzhhorod. Journey through the old city ". In 2019 a compilation of these books was translated into Hungarian and published in Budapest. In July 2020, the third book was published, entitled "Lost Uzhhorod: professions and enterprises."You can contact the tour guide: tanya.literati@gmail.com.

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