In search of mini-sculptures

Uzhhorodskyi raion, Ukraine
Est. 2.4km / 47 mins / Map

In search of mini-sculptures - Cya On The Road

People from all over the country come to Uzhhorod just to see mini-sculptures. The tour will be interesting for people who want to take selfies with these small pieces of art. Natalia Svitlynets, the author of the tour, will tell who is the Transcarpathian Robin Hood and where is the mini sculpture of him, where Mozart "lives", who put Uzhhorod on the world map, why the mini sculpture of chocolate is really not about it, what kind of secret does ship Carpathia hide, who is called Transcarpathian Van Gogh and other interesting facts.Natalia is indigenous, and for 10 years she has lived in the center of the Uzhhorod. She has a master's degree in banking, but in 2011 she passed professional training and became a tour guide. She created her own tour "Walk along the gallery under the sky". Natalia used to live next to the author of these small sculptures. So she knows some unique information about them and wants to share it with city visitors.You can contact the tour guide: +380-(50)-747-51-57.

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