Great Artists of a Small Town

Uzhhorodskyi raion, Ukraine
Est. 3.0km / 59 mins / Map

Great Artists of a Small Town - Cya On The Road

This audioguide by Yulia Malyk will help you to find out why the figures of Joseph Bokshay and Adalbert Erdely have become significant for Uzhhorod, where is the largest collection of artworks by Transcarpathian artists, who stands on the Theater Square, whose painting is included in the list of the most mystical paintings in the history of art. The answers are to come!Julianna Malyk is a historian but she is a tour guide to the bone. She has been working in the tourist industry for 8 years. She participated in various projects, including "Open Excursion. Uzhhorod ” and “Mini-sculptures. Live” (international online project). She is the author of city tours and quests for both children and adults. You can contact the tour guide: +380-(95)-442-89-09.

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