"Shalom, neighbor!": Life and tragedy of the Jews of Uzhhorod

Uzhhorodskyi raion, Ukraine
Est. 1.6km / 33 mins

"Shalom, neighbor!": Life and tragedy of the Jews of Uzhhorod - Cya On The Road

Did you know that before World War II almost every fourth inhabitant of Uzhhorod was a Jew? And what about the fact that almost all shops, pharmacies, and inns on the central street of Korzo belonged to Jews?Walk along this route together with the author and you will visit the most prominent places of Jewish Uzhhorod, hear interesting stories about the happy life and tragic fate of the people who lived in our city for centuries. You will learn why Fried's palace was called the largest residential building in Uzhhorod, how the Great Orthodox Synagogue looked like and where women were praying.Do you know what language besides Hungarian did the Jews of Uzhhorod speak in everyday life? You will have an opportunity to learn what was on the clock on the Hebrew-speaking gymnasium facade instead of numbers. And also learn who is Raoul Wallenberg and why does his plaque hangs on the Jewish House.Pavlo Khudish is a historian. He is a candidate of historical sciences (Ph.D. in historical sciences), works as an associate professor at Uzhhorod National University at the Faculty of History and International Relations. Pavel Khudish's research interests include the study of the history of the Jews, the Holocaust, and interethnic relations in Transcarpathia in the twentieth century.You can contact the tour guide: +380-(66)-324-91-13.

by "Пізнай Ужгород"
Унікальні туристичні маршрути «Пізнай Ужгород» в інтерактивних листівках з аудіогідами.

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