Botanical wonders of the city over the Uzh

Uzhhorodskyi raion, Ukraine
Est. 2.3km / 45 mins / Map

Botanical wonders of the city over the Uzh - Cya On The Road

Probably the most unusual tour of all offered under the project. Follow the route and you will learn a lot of new and interesting things about the following plants of Uzhhorod: Masaryk’s Ash, Cersis (Judas tree), Magnolia, Sakura, Linden trees, Liriodendron, Decorative cedar, Lebanese cedar, Dogwood, Chinese apple tree, Catalpa, unique plants from Laudon Park(cryptomeria, thuja, bald cypress, ginkgo biloba), Red yew tree, Almonds, Paulownia. We intentionally do not disclose any information or curiosities for you to immerse yourself in an extremely exciting and unusual tour. Go ahead and explore!Yurii Yanovskyi is a 4th generation Uzhhorod resident with two degrees. Yurii Yanovskyi tried his hand at various professions: organizing and conducting weddings, writing articles for local newspapers, and even working in banking institutions before he became a tour guide. He realized that tourism is his calling. He has been working in this field for 7 years. Yurii cooperates with various travel agencies in Ukraine. He creates tourist routes himself. He organizes tours abroad as well but considers Uzhhorod the best city in the world.You can contact the tour guide: +380-(50)-936-95-11.

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