Christian spirituality in the life and history of Uzhhorod

Uzhhorodskyi raion, Ukraine
Est. 3.1km / 1 hr 3 mins

Christian spirituality in the life and history of Uzhhorod - Cya On The Road

The author of this city tour tells us how faith in God and religiosity influence the lives of Uzhhorod residents and the history of Uzhhorod. Who and when ordered to build a theological seminary and what did the monks of the Basilian monastery strive for? Yurii Yanovskyi notes that Kapitulna Street, one of the oldest streets in Uzhhorod, belonged to the Greek Catholic Diocese. The orphanage Konviktum was here from 1841, where the orphan studied and many of them became famous figures of our region. You will also find out: which knowledge was given to students in the Gisela orphanage, where you can still hear the sounds of a real organ, what does the clock on the bell tower of the Reformed Church apprise, where was the main altar icon painted by the famous Uzhhorod resident Ignatius Roshkovich and what church is one of the most mysterious and the most ancient temples of Ukraine.Yurii Yanovskyi is a 4th generation Uzhhorod resident with two degrees. Yurii Yanovskyi tried his hand at various professions: organizing and conducting weddings, writing articles for local newspapers, and even working in banking institutions before he became a tour guide. He realized that tourism is his calling. He has been working in this field for 7 years. Yurii cooperates with various travel agencies in Ukraine. He creates tourist routes himself. He organizes tours abroad as well but considers Uzhhorod the best city in the world.You can contact the tour guide: +380-(50)-936-95-11.

by "Пізнай Ужгород"
Унікальні туристичні маршрути «Пізнай Ужгород» в інтерактивних листівках з аудіогідами.

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