Uzhanskyi Provence

Uzhhorodskyi raion, Ukraine; Perechynskyi raion, Ukraine
Est. 89.9km / 2 hrs / Map

Uzhanskyi Provence - Cya On The Road

This route was created for you by Oleksandr Shershun a historian, guide, the head of the Association of tourist guides within the project of the non-profit public organization "Happy Children" (Schaslyvi dity) "Discover Uzhanska Valley". More information about the guide, including contact information, you can find in the description of the excursion. This information will help you to thoroughly prepare for the trip.Provence means "province" in French. Now this name is associated with the historic region in south-eastern France. From one side it is washed by the sea, and from another it is surrounded by the Alps. Majestic temples, lavender fields, legendary castles, delicious cuisine, heady wines and lovely rural landscapes ... You will be surprised, but almost all of this can be found in our Uzhanska province. Almost all of this but the sea; which also was here 34 million years ago.Being on the route we will visit the ruins of legendary castles, listen to the Hollywood type story of local noble families, walk through the noble park, flowering fields and gardens, and observe the history and traditions of Transcarpathian winemaking. "Uzhanskyi Provence" is a rest with taste.

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