One valley, many cultures

Uzhhorodskyi raion, Ukraine; Perechynskyi raion, Ukraine
Est. 81.3km / 3 hrs / Map

One valley, many cultures - Cya On The Road

This route tells about the diversity and multiculturalism of the Uzhanska Valley. You will find out what peoples lived and still live on both sides of the river Uzh, what they left behind, and how it affected the traditions of the inhabitants. On the route, you will be able to see cultural diversity in architecture, customs, and tastes, see natural wonders, and feel part of the unique westernmost corner of Ukraine.Pavlo Khudish comes from Uzhhorod. He studied at the Historical Faculty of Uzhhorod National University. After defending his dissertation, he stayed to teach at his alma mater. He deals with the history of the Jewish community of Transcarpathia in the 20th century. Among his interests are the medieval historical reconstruction and European culture of the interwar period and, of course, the history of his native Transcarpathia. You can contact the guide by phone.One might encounter cell phone dead zones, so we suggest downloading this route in advance.In order to properly prepare for the trip, please get familiar with the information below! This will help you arrange in advance to visit the places of interest and avoid possible problems.Contact the following BEFORE embarking on the route:Point 5. Visit the Museum of Paprika «Uhorsky Dim» (Hungarian House) in the village of Velyka Dobron, tel. +38 (096) 782-44-51.Point 9. Go horseback riding near Merci Farm at the «Unicorn» private stable; Olga Sira, tel. +38  (050) 548-90-60.Point 10. Visit a private rockery, Victor Hanushchyn, tel. +38 (067) 673-85-08.Point 13. Book a tour and tasting at the «Perechynska Manufaktura» cheese factory: +38 (095) 224-73-54.

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