South from Uzh

Uzhhorodskyi raion, Ukraine
Est. 49.8km / 4 hrs / Map

South from Uzh - Cya On The Road

This bicycle route runs in the countryside near the city Uzhhorod, south from the river Uzh. During the trip you can see the plain part of Uzhhorod region, get acquainted with the culture, traditions and history of different peoples who live here: Ukrainians, Hungarians, Slovaks. You will visit picturesque villages and ancient medieval temples. The total length of the route is 52 km, it has no significant height differences. This is a one day route; its duration is 4-6 hours.Information about the guideVladislav Tovtyn is a professional historian, guide and mountaineer. Among his many interests are local history studies and traditional gastronomic culture of the Carpathian region. Co-founder of the historical and reconstruction society "Likitsarski Gukany". He has experience in rural development projects in the Transcarpathian region. He has knowledge of history and culture of the region, local lore, traditional crafts and trades, folklore of the Ukrainian Carpathians. You can contact the guide: +38 (050) 540-75-62.

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