Yavornyk. Trails of legends

Velykobereznianskyi raion, Ukraine
Est. 15.2km / 7 hrs / Map

Yavornyk. Trails of legends - Cya On The Road

This hiking route runs along the trails of the Yavirnyk mountain range, located in the northern part of the Uzhanska Valley. During the trip, we will cross the river Uzh twice, conquer a 1017m tall peak, see the nature of the forests of Uzhansky National Nature Park, a special, legally protected area, and get acquainted with the history and culture of the inhabitants of the valley. The total length of the route is 15km; the altitude is 805 meters. Estimated duration: 7-8 hours. The route only can be traveled entirely at day, but it is also possible to spend the night in tourist shelters. We recommend doing this in spring, summer, or autumn since in winter the ascent is complicated by the snow.One might encounter cell phone dead zones, so we suggest downloading this route in advance.Vladyslav Tovtyn is a professional historian, a tour and mountain guide. His interest includes, among other things, local history studies and the traditional gastronomic culture of the Carpathian region. He is also a co-founder of the historical and reconstruction society «Likitsary Hukans». He has experience in rural development projects throughout the Transcarpathian region. Vladyslav is knowledgeable about the history and culture of the region, the local lore, traditional crafts and trades, folklore in the Ukrainian Carpathians. The guide can be contacted at: +38 (050) 540-75-62.In order to properly prepare for the trip, please get familiar with the information below! This will help you arrange in advance to visit the places of interest and avoid possible problems.Contact the following BEFORE embarking on the route:Overnight stay atop Mount Yavirnyk:1) «Yavirnyk» tourist shelter. Phone: +38 (068) 762-26-87, https://www.facebook.com/yavirnyk/ 2) «Na Yavornyk do Yanko Derevlyany» tourist shelter. Phone: +38 (095) 608-32-86, https://www.facebook.com/yankonayavornike/Overnight stay in the village of Kostryno:1) «Kostryno» estate, Kostryno village, 105. Phone: +38 (099) 625-15-72, +38 (03135) 3-72-27, https://tourinform.org.ua/sadyba-kostryno/2) «Club Visson» hotel complex, Kostryno village, 1-A. Phone: +38 (099) 765-20-22, http://clubvisson.com/uk/

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