National Historical and Cultural Preserve “Hetman's Capital”

Bakhmatskyi raion, Ukraine
Est. 24.1km / 32 mins

National Historical and Cultural Preserve “Hetman's Capital” - Cya On The Road

The age of the Cossacks is the Golden Age in the history of the Ukrainian nation, a period of high rise and prosperity. This is the age of victorious Cossack struggle and a time of strong Hetman power. It was the time when for 53 years the capital of the Cossack state was Baturyn. Four Ukrainian Hetmans: Demian Ihnatovych, Ivan Samoilovych, Ivan Mazepa and Kyrylo Rozumovskyi developed the state here.Baturyn is a Phoenix of Ukrainian history. At the peak of its rise during the rule of Ivan Mazepa, the city was barbarously destroyed by the Russian Tsar Peter the Great. The last Cossack Hetman Kyrylo Rozumovskyi restored the city's status of Hetman's residence. By the way, he is the only one of the Hetmans who is buried here.Baturyn's political history was the reason why his past was terra incognita even for historians. The sights of the city had been mercilessly destroying for several centuries.And only after Ukraine gained independence the study of the past of this special city began. Restoration and revitalization of its monuments have begun. Baturyn is one of the largest tourist attractions in northern Ukraine nowadays. On its territory there are monuments and objects of cultural heritage that form the National Historical and Cultural Preserve “Hetman's Capital”.

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