The Castles of Zakarpattia

Uzhhorodskyi raion, Ukraine; Mukachivskyi raion, Ukraine; Berehivskyi raion, Ukraine; Vynohradivskyi raion, Ukraine; Khustskyi raion, Ukraine; Irshavskyi raion, Ukraine
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The Castles of Zakarpattia - Cya On The Road

The tourist itinerary «The Castles of Zakarpattia» is a thematic journey through twelve majestic buildings and ruins of ancient fortresses that will immerse you in the turbulent but exciting past of Zakarpattia region.The castles of Zakarpattia are quite diverse since they were built in different eras by various rulers. Each is unique in its own way, each has its own history, its own legends and mysteries.Notwithstanding the fact that all Zakarpatian fortresses are scattered through time, they had the common purpose: these fortresses in different centuries stood to protect the lives of their rulers and their subordinates as well as guarded the possessions on their internal and external territories against enemy invasion.Taking a tour by car with «The Castles of Zakarpattia» itinerary in hand is convenient because you can do the planning of visits to the fortresses at your own will and listen to interesting stories about each of them. If you intend to see all 12 castles, you should plan on your travelling so that you can have a few days at your disposal. You may certainly choose to visit separate fortresses from the list and this only means that next time you will return to the same itinerary in order to proceed with getting acquainted to the other historic castles.Much can be said about the castles of Zakarpattia, however, one visit is worth a thousand words. Hence, we advise you not to hesitate and set out on the tour of «The Castles of Zakarpattia» which will definitely bring you bright impressions!Translation: Antonina Bulyna

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