A Lace Trail around Olney

Olney, England, United Kingdom
Est. 711m / 30 mins / Map

A Lace Trail around Olney - Cya On The Road

This trail provides an introduction to Olney's lace makers, and the associated cottage industry, which lasted for over 300 years. Continental lace makers came to this area of North Buckinghamshire, as a result of religious persecution in their own countries, from the late 1500s through to the late 1600s. The lace makers, particularly those from Lille and Mechlin, settled here in Olney and taught local women to make bobbin lace. The Points of Interest covered in the trail demonstrate that, although most experienced lace makers produced excellent fine lace, they barely managed to scrape a living from their labours.A key feature of the trail is the so-called 'Lace Factory', its role and its staff, see images above. The author of the original work for this trail was local historian Elizabeth Knight. It has been developed and edited for digital media by the Olney and District Historical Society. Completion of the trail takes around 30 minutes.

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