Uxbridge History - Walking tour

Uxbridge, England, United Kingdom
Est. 3.0km / 1 hr / Map

Uxbridge History - Walking tour - Cya On The Road

A walking tour around Uxbridge, allow 1 hour to complete the tour.InformationThe tour starts at Uxbridge library and ends at Uxbridge tube station.  The tube station is only a short distance from the library if you want to return to the library after the tour.The library has toilet facilities and also a small cafe.The walking tour app makes use of GPS on your phone . This can use up the battery life of your phone faster than usual.Please take care on the walking tour, keep an eye out for traffic and cross roads at safe places.The tour was produced by Uxbridge FM, a new radio station for Uxbridge.  More details at:www.UxbridgeFM.co.uk 

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