Thames View to Barking Riverside - Finding a way back to the river

Barking, England, United Kingdom
Est. 4.4km / 1 hr 29 mins

Thames View to Barking Riverside - Finding a way back to the river - Cya On The Road

We invite you to join us on a sonic journey across Thames Ward - from the North of Thames View through Barking Reach and Barking Riverside, down to the river Thames. Along the way you will discover hidden stories along the back routes of Thames Ward. You will hear from community champions and ordinary people about the places they love (and hate!). The Thames has become disconnected from "The View" and this guide aims to help you to find a way back to the river.This audio wayfinding guide was created in 2018 with the help of participants in the Thames Ward Radio Project and is narrated by local resident Thomas Baillie.  The Thames Ward Radio Project used oral history and sound recording to explore what culture means to the residents of Thames View, Barking Riverside and Scrattons Farm Estate. The project was intended to enable local people to reflect on existing everyday cultural activities that were important to them, and to be a catalyst for the co-design of future self-sustaining cultural projects. Through radio interviews conducted by participants and others aimed to uncover hidden stories and find common ground between different groups and areas. The over-arching aim of the project was to enhance the local sense of belonging and to instigate new social networks and cultural projects across the area, for the benefit of individual and community well-being.This project was initiated by The Decorators design collective on behalf of NHS Healthy New Towns, working with partners London Borough of Barking & Dagenham and Barking Riverside London.

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