Green Walkabout with Transition

St Andrews, Scotland, United Kingdom
Est. 5.7km / 1 hr 55 mins / Map

Green Walkabout with Transition - Cya On The Road

Take this walking tour to get to know the place, stretch your legs and get great tips on how to benefit from Transition University of St Andrews projects during your time here.Transition University of St Andrews is a diverse network of people with a common vision of a university and town that exemplify the values and practices of sustainability through excellence in scholarship, operations and community action. You can find out more on our website and connect with us through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.Since 2009, Transition UStA has been a hub for sustainability across the town. We aim to create a more climate resilient St Andrews and support people in their journeys to low-carbon living. Spanning the themes of Smarter Travel, Zero Waste, Local Food, and Knowledge and Skills our work has something for just about everyone.We belong to the wider Transition Network, which has groups all over the UK and other parts of the world. And like other groups, we see communities as the starting point for reimagining and rebuilding the world we live in. Transition Scotland is a network of Transition groups closer to home. Within Transition Scotland and the wider Transition Network we share ideas, run events and collaborate on projects. The Transition movement is about feeling like you can make a difference in the world. It is about learning new skills, connecting with other people and creating a new story for your local area.

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