river tyne

Newcastle upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom; Gateshead, England, United Kingdom
Est. 2.7km / 55 mins / Map

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Start with the view of the river tyne itself. The river is wide and often has a different sheen in the sun. A slender silver bridge, modern style across the river tyne, in harmony with the old historic buildings around it, but with its unique modern style. It is a modern building built in 2000 and its name is remembered as the bridge of the millennium. During the day, the silver lines seem to have a dance rhythm, while at night, under the lights, the changing colors give the river tyne and the millennium bridge a magical feeling. Some people say the millennium bridge looks like a giant harp from a distance, so it's up to you to see how it works. On the river tyne, there are Bridges built at different times, even at different times, or huge steel structures, thick and powerful, which makes the river very interesting. As you walk along the river tyne, you will find different styles on the left and right sides. On the left are all these huge buildings made up of huge bricks and tiles, and strangely enough you can see the Windows of these buildings are very high. Originally here 100 years ago, the port was busy, and all kinds of offices were set up, from freight charges to Banks, all kinds of official transshipment again, in order to protect the safety of these places, so the window facing the street is set high, can not be casually let people see inside, or climb. Today, it is a view of the tyne river. To the right of the river tyne is the life and cultural spirit of today's Newcastle people. Like a lovely big peanut shaped building, it is the opera house. If you have time, or if you take your parents and elders with you, why not go to a concert one evening? Although the seemingly modest red-brick house is Newcastle's own modern art gallery, this place called burdick is definitely a representative contemporary art venue in the north of the island of England. Fresh, avant-garde modern works are on display almost every month. In the gift shop on the first floor, you will find a lot of interesting gift features, choose one to take back to a friend who can compare other people's absolute British travel brought back gift ideas more. The gallery's own restaurant offers visual and appetitive feast, from the familiar shepherd's pie to the northern flavors of Fried fish and steaks.

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