Leicester, England, United Kingdom
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EarSpoon - Cya On The Road

'So they may laugh...'EarSpoon is an audio tour of the University of Leicester, featuring funny stories from students and staff.Inspired by Leicester's motto ('So that they may have life'), EarSpoon is an alternative living social history of our university - celebrating life on campus.Follow the spoons around campus. Listen to each tale. Then make your way back to the Museum Studies building to share with us your EarSpoon story. TranscriptHello, and welcome to EarSpoon!Thank you for taking the time out of your day to listen to the stories of our university. EarSpoon is part of the wider Listen Up! Leicester project by the School of Museum Studies. We hope you enjoy these wacky and wild tales told by people just like you, and remember: follow the spoons...EarSpoon is part of the ListenUp! Leicester exhibition.

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