Background to Foreground

Leicester, England, United Kingdom
Est. 1.0km / 21 mins

Background to Foreground - Cya On The Road

Stop. Listen. What do you hear?    The shuffle of footsteps? The buzz of a phone? Sound surrounds us but rarely holds our attention. What do the buildings on campus sound like?  This audio tour invites you to pay attention to sounds that are often dismissed and questions whether these contribute to the personality of a building. Students, staff, and visitors nominated their own sounds and locations to represent the variety of sonic experiences in the campus. Mixing these soundscapes creates a performance, showcases the unique characteristics of the buildings; makes the familiar unknown and the unimportant prominent.   Don't forget to share your responses with the hashtag #backtofore and follow our Instagram page Background to Foreground to see other responses and behind the scenes content of the exhibition installation!  Background to Foreground is part of the ListenUp! Leicester exhibition.

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