April Curator Tour

Richmond, England, United Kingdom
Est. 11m / 16 mins

April Curator Tour - Cya On The Road

Welcome to the Museum of Richmond’s April Curator Tour; my name is Esme Loukota and I am the Museum's Curator. As we took the difficult decision to temporarily close in March, I decided to change my scheduled April Curator Tour to an online audio tour instead.In terms of the collection we hold about 5,000 objects and we only accept objects relating to the Borough. Mostly these are social and domestic history objects, but we also have a costume and textile collection, a toys and games collection, quite a lot of ephemera, archaeology and some art. Whilst the collection is fairly small we can tell some really interesting stories with it which is hopefully what I am going to do with these objects, some of which are in our galleries and some of which are not usually on display to the public. Enjoy!

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