Merton in WW2: Merton and Morden

Morden, England, United Kingdom; London, England, United Kingdom; New Malden, England, United Kingdom
Est. 12.1km / 4 hrs 2 mins / Map

Merton in WW2: Merton and Morden - Cya On The Road

This walk has been produced by London Borough of Merton, Local Studies and Heritage Services. At the start of the Second World War there were three Urban District Councils Merton and Morden, Mitcham  and Wimbledon that in 1965 would be joined together to form the London Borough of Merton. A series of three walks have been produced one for each of the original district councils. Each walk takes you to a number of the key sites and locations that played an active role during the Second World War. This walk covers Merton and Morden and the physical walk will take approximately two hours fifteen minutes to complete without stops and is just less than seven miles. This walk starts from Morden which is well served by the underground and a number of buses from Wimbledon, Sutton, Mitcham, Croydon and Epsom. Local Underground stations were frequently used as deep air raid shelters during World War Two. Formed of concrete arches buried far below ground level, with entrances screened by thick walls, they provided greater protection than many purpose built public shelters. Morden Station has open platforms and is unlikely to have been used as shelter.Turn left from the station and until you are almost at the roundabout. Cross at the traffic control point. Still heading left cross at the next traffic control point. Just pass the bus stop you will see two iron gates. Stand here and take in the view of Morden Hall your tour location.The walk finishes at Garth Road Refuse Centre.  At this point return to Garth Road and walk south along Garth Road until Stonecot Hill. From here it is possible to get buses to Morden, Sutton and Epsom. We hope you enjoy the walk and please do complete the other two in the series.

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