London's anaesthetic history

London, England, United Kingdom
Est. 5.4km / 2 hrs

London's anaesthetic history - Cya On The Road

Explore the the pioneering years of anaesthesia in mid-Victorian London on this tour through central London. The Association of Anaesthetists is fortunate enough to be in a particularly historic part of London, which is itself one of the most historic of world cities. The tour from Portland Place passes along streets and neighbourhoods that teem with history, into which are set monuments to anaesthesia of truly historic importance.On the tour you will meet three of the most important figures in anaesthesia and surgery, Joseph Lister, John Snow and Joseph Clover, and uncover the story of the birth of anaesthesia.  

by Association of Anaesthetists Heritage Centre
Representing the life-saving, life-changing specialty of anaesthesia by supporting, informing and inspiring a worldwide community of members

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