Mammoths, Mansions and Medals

Richmond, England, United Kingdom
Est. 1.4km / 41 mins / Map

Mammoths, Mansions and Medals - Cya On The Road

To celebrate Totally Thames 2020, the Museum of Richmond has created an audio tour exploring the river Thames through the objects that we have in our collection. Walk along the beautiful Richmond riverbank or listen from the comfort of home, and find out how our collection reveals how the Thames has shaped Richmond as we know it today.If you are joining our tour in person on the riverbank, we recommend starting at point 1, at the end of Old Palace Lane which is approximately 10 minutes walk from Richmond Station. However, you can listen to the tour in any order you choose. If you listen to each audio clip in its entirety, we estimate that the full tour will take around 35-40 minutes.If you would like to learn more about the Museum of Richmond, please visit our website We hope you enjoy our Mammoths, Mansions and Medals tour!

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