Sheffield Botanical Gardens Autumn Wildlife Tour

Sheffield, England, United Kingdom
Est. 1.1km / 23 mins

Sheffield Botanical Gardens Autumn Wildlife Tour - Cya On The Road

This tour will help you discover hidden nature at Sheffield Botanical Gardens. As well as a collection of specimen plants, the Gardens are also home to a range of insects, birds, wildflowers, bees, butterflies, mushrooms and toadstools. You can begin our circular wildlife tour at any of the three entrances to the Gardens, as shown on the tour map. For each of the 10 stops on the tour, you can listen to a description of the wildlife in that area, and look at photographs to help you spot creatures and plants of interest. If you'd rather read than listen, the information is also available as text, with some links to other sites for more information on particular flora or fauna. Walk the whole trail and see what you spot. Or just pick out one or two features that interest you. You can even enjoy the whole tour on your computer from the comfort of home! We'd encourage you to report sightings of wildlife in the Gardens to the local Nature Counts survey run by the Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust. And why not post some photos of hidden nature in the Gardens on social media? Tag us (@FOBSheffield) on Twitter and Instagram so we can share what you’ve found.Once you've completed the tour, do come back to the Gardens and spot more hidden nature at different times of day and in different seasons - and look out for wildlife in other Sheffield parks, and in your own garden or allotment or street. And tell us what you think of the tour - via Twitter @FOBSheffield or email us on tour was designed by the Friends of the Botanical Gardens as part of the Heritage Open Days 2020 'Hidden Nature' theme. Visit our partner site at Sheffield General Cemetery for more Heritage Open Days activities.Thanks to Ziggy Senkans and the Wildlife Trust for advice on what to include in the tour, to the Heritage Fund and National Lottery players for helping fund the project, and to Chris Weston who provided many of the images. Find more of Chris's nature photographs on his Instagram account @wobbleu8. 

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