A walk around South Bank in York

York, England, United Kingdom
Est. 2.2km / 45 mins / Map

A walk around South Bank in York - Cya On The Road

Hello there. My name is Susan Major and I’m from the local history group at Clements Hall. We’re going to take a walk around South Bank in York, pointing out some historical features from the last 100 years and earlier.The walk starts at the top of Ovington Terrace, where it meets Philadelphia Terrace, and finishes in Nunthorpe Grove. It will take around an hour and a half. As you follow the route you'll hear new sound clips and see historic images relating to your location.South Bank is a densely packed area of housing, bordering the Bishopthorpe Rd as it travels southwards from the centre of York. It lies between the River Ouse and the racecourse.Most of the housing here is around 100 years old or more, with long straight streets of small houses opening directly onto pavements. These were built by developers 100 years ago in a growing opportunity to make money out of land. They housed artisans and other workers who desperately needed places to live near to the new factories.The exception is the Nunthorpe estate of red-brick semi-detached houses, built in the 1930s on a plot of land near the centre of the area. We're using details from our book, Shadows in the Bricks: the old shops of South Bank in York (which is still on sale locally).

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