Picturing Aldershot

Aldershot, England, United Kingdom
Est. 1.0km / 20 mins

Picturing Aldershot - Cya On The Road

“Picturing Aldershot” is a trail around Aldershot town centre for the Rushmoor Heritage festival, 3 to 31 October 2020. During this period at various points around the town centre there will be historic images from the collection of the Aldershot Military Museum alongside modern photographs taken in July 2020 by a local photography student. This tour guides visitors around the trail and provides historical background to the various sites and views. Start the tour in the High Street by the Citizens’ Advice Bureau.

by Friends of the Aldershot Military Museum
The Friends support the work of the of the Aldershot Military Museum, and the preservation and promotion of Rushmoor's local history.

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