The changing face of York

York, England, United Kingdom
Est. 4.0km / 1 hr 20 mins

The changing face of York - Cya On The Road

This walk (around five kilometres/three miles) will take approximately 90 minutes, or a further 40 minutes if you choose to do the full racecourse circuit.It explores the southern stretch of the River Ouse in York. The commentary considers the impact of the river on the development of the City, the redevelopment of the iconic Terry’s Chocolate Works, and the importance of horse racing. It is full of variety, and includes elements of geography and geology as well as much about the history of the area.We have designed the walk to start at the Millennium Bridge, on the west side of the River Ouse, but you can start it at any point. The starting point is easily reached from the city centre on foot or bicycle, or the 11, 21 and 26 buses travel from the railway station along Bishopthorpe Road. If coming by car, you can park free on Campleshon Road or Knavesmire Road.For some background if you follow this link for the Ordnance Survey map published in 1853  you will see that this area was almost all fields at this timeThen look at the Ordnance Survey map published in 1932, where you will see many changes.Perhaps the best place for a drink and something to eat is the Winning Post on Bishopthorpe Road (just a couple of hundred metres north of the junction with Campleshon Road). This walk was designed by John Stevens, with the support of Susan Major. Thanks to Anne Houson for recording the text, and to Giles Cookson from the Card Index for letting us use some of his postcard views. John Stevens took all the photos except where specified.PLEASE NOTE This walk is unsuitable for wheelchair users and those with mobility problems, as it involves stiles, sometimes wet and/or muddy patches, and steps to cross the racetrack at one point.

by Clements Hall Local History Group
We're based at Clements Hall in York.

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