Murder and Mishap

Sheffield, England, United Kingdom
Est. 597m / 12 mins / Map

Murder and Mishap - Cya On The Road

The stories you will hear on this trail are a selection of the most tragic and grisly tales of Victorian deaths that can be found in the General Cemetery. On this trail you will find accidents, disasters and even murders. Unexpected deaths were much more commonplace in Victorian Sheffield. Open fires in homes, dangerous industrial workshops, and the use of horses on the roads caused frequent if not daily fatal incidents. Dramatic catastrophes such as the Sheffield Flood and shipwrecks led to the deaths of many other Sheffield residents who were then buried or commemorated in the Sheffield General Cemetery. The stories on this trail come from the new Sheffield General Cemetery Trust publication ‘Murder and Mishap’. To find out more about the people highlighted on this trail and to read lots of other stories of sudden death in Victorian Sheffield pre-order your copy from the General Cemetery website: can do this trail in any order. 

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