Hidden Clementhorpe

York, England, United Kingdom
Est. 1.7km / 35 mins / Map

Hidden Clementhorpe - Cya On The Road

Clementhorpe lies just outside the York City Walls and along the west bank of the River Ouse. It is not well known to visitors, but amply repays a visit. Clementhorpe was one of York’s earlier suburbs, and it has a long and diverse industrial history.  The main development of Clementhorpe can be traced from the early nineteenth century up to the present day. You can see the 1852 map of the area on the National Library of Scotland site here.Prior to the 1850s there was very little development south of Clementhorpe [the road] apart from the original St. Clement’s Church and the site of Clementhorpe Nunnery, which was already in ruins. Modern Clementhorpe is very largely residential in character. On this walk we will try to trace some of the surviving industrial buildings, structures and other features.There will be plenty of places to sit and contemplate. Public toilets are available in Rowntree Park, and there is a variety of local pubs and cafes. We will point these out as we go round. The walk is approximately 2 kilometres (just over a mile), and should take between one and two hours to complete.Don't forget to look at the old pictures on the app, you can swipe these across to see more.Skeldergate Bridge can be noisy with traffic, so we’re going to start our walk underneath it, on the north west side of the bridge. Here is Terry Avenue, the road which runs beside the river. Carefully cross this road and stop on the paved area next to the bridge with a bench. Listen to the commentary.The walk was designed by John Stevens, with the support of Susan Major. Thanks to Anne Houson for recording the text. All photos are by John Stevens, except where specified.

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