Woking Palace

Woking, England, United Kingdom
Est. 3.7km / 1 hr 14 mins / Map

Woking Palace - Cya On The Road

Woking Palace was the site of a Tudor residence with origins dating back to 13th century. Little survives at the site itself, but this circular walk and audio guide shares what we know about this important site. Using the latest research, reconstructions, and results from a series of excavations, this guide by Surrey County Archaeological Unit (SCAU) will shed light on life in Old Woking and Woking Palace 500 years ago.This 2.5 mile circular loop will take you around Woking Palace and the surrounding area, starting and finishing at Manor Way Car Park in Old Woking.SCAU would like to thank to The Friends of Woking Palace and Woking Borough Council for their support on the Woking Palace and its Park project.Things to know about this walk:We advise that you download this guide before starting the walk as there is limited phone signal at the site.The walk begins at Manor Way Car Park in Old Woking. Car parking is free and the address of the car park is Manor Way, Old Woking, Woking GU22 9JXWe advise you use headphones for this walk to improve the sound quality, but ensure you take these out when crossing the road.This walk is just over 2 miles long and lasts around 1hour 15mins.The walk is a mixture of road, track and footpath with uneven ground and other trip hazards. It includes a stile. Please take care. Don't forget to turn your phone volume up when you start the walk!You are responsible for you own safety throughout this walk. During the winter and after rain the second half of the walk can be very wet. 

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