West Fife Woodlands Way

Dunfermline, Scotland, United Kingdom; Alloa, Scotland, United Kingdom
Est. 13.7km / 4 hrs 35 mins

West Fife Woodlands Way - Cya On The Road

Welcome to this audio guide to the West Fife Woodlands Way.This 10 mile route goes through historic places, local mining sites and acres of woodlands.You’ll be treated to stunning views and great flora and fauna.Look out for the West Fife Woodlands leaf logo to ensure you’re on right paths. You’ll also find leaflets about the Way in local outlets and there’s also an active Facebook page for you to check out.This audio guide was created for the Coalfields Regeneration Trust – a registered charity – by The PR Store.If you have feedback or comments, please get in touch. The email is crt.hub@coalfields-regen.org.uk

by Coalfields Regeneration Trust - Scotland
The Coalfields Regeneration Trust is a charity which supports coalfield communities and creates opportunities for people in those areas.

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