Kelty and Blairadam Forest

Kelty, Scotland, United Kingdom
Est. 7.7km / 2 hrs 33 mins

Kelty and Blairadam Forest - Cya On The Road

Thanks for downloading this audio guide to Kelty and Blairadam Forest.This short route highlights the area’s industrial past, its manufacturing role and the way we all used to travel.You’ll hear about a world champion, come face to face with totem poles and go for a trek through stunning woodlands.And - if you’re lucky - you’ll also hear from a “Mission Impossible” star.This trail largely follows the route of a walking guide developed by Kelty Community Council, with some extra treats thrown in. A big thank you to resident Paul McDonald for his help.You’ll be joined at different stops on the audio tour by local people and experts. We hope you enjoy your walk.This guide was created for the Coalfields Regeneration Trust – a registered charity – by The PR Store.If you have feedback or comments, please get in touch. The email is

by Coalfields Regeneration Trust - Scotland
The Coalfields Regeneration Trust is a charity which supports coalfield communities and creates opportunities for people in those areas.

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