Kincardine to Torryburn (via Culross)

Alloa, Scotland, United Kingdom; Dunfermline, Scotland, United Kingdom
Est. 18.4km / 6 hrs 7 mins / Map

Kincardine to Torryburn (via Culross) - Cya On The Road

Welcome to this audio guide, taking you from the pretty village of Kincardine, along the Fife Coastal Path to Culross and Torryburn.This trail highlights local heroes, stunning buildings and the area’s rich industrial past.Start your tour by parking in one of the free spaces off Kirk Street in Kincardine. To get access to our first place of interest – Tulliallan Kirkyard – you’ll need the key to the graveyard. Pop into Marco’s café at the end of Kirk Street to borrow the key and get more information.Then head up the hill to start your tour.This audio guide was created for the Coalfields Regeneration Trust – a registered charity – by The PR Store.If you have feedback or comments, please get in touch. The email is

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