Bernera Driving Trail

Isle of Lewis, Scotland, United Kingdom
Est. 6.7km / 2 hrs 4 mins

Bernera Driving Trail - Cya On The Road

Bernera is a small island on the west coast of the Isle of Lewis that is accessed via a road bridge. We have a long history going back as far as the Neolithic period as well as a crofting landscape and beautiful natural scenery and wildlife, including otter, dolphin, seal and a profusion of birds led by Golden and White Tailed Eagles.This driving trail follows the central road through the island starting at the Bridge and ending about 6 miles north at Bosta Beach, the sites are either by the road or a short walk from it, and cover our history from the Neolithic to the 1950s.Four side roads not on this trail will take you to our villages and crofting communities and well worth the time if you have it.Community run fuel pumps and electric charging points are available 24/7 on Bernera so no need to worry about running low. Please take care when driving here as all roads are single track.We hope that you are able to come and visit our wonderful island where you can take your and feel the true peace and quiet of life here on the edge.We ask that when visiting Bernera that you follow the Country Code and keep dogs under control for the sake of our free roaming animals and wildlife and take all litter away with you.Why not also visit our café in the Community Centre where a warm welcome awaits as well as plenty of homemade treats.We would advise you to download this app before arrival on Bernera as our phone signal coverage is not the greatest and there are many areas with no reception, which may be what you are looking for.More information can be found on the Museum Website, link here.Also follow us on Facebook here.

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