Soldiers and Zeppelins: WW1 in South Bank, York

York, England, United Kingdom
Est. 2.3km / 46 mins / Map

Soldiers and Zeppelins: WW1 in South Bank, York - Cya On The Road

This walk should take about an hour to an hour and a half. We invite you to think about how World War 1 impacted upon our area of York, South Bank.Clements Hall History Group received funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund in 2016, and much of what you will hear on this walk is as result of that generously funded project. Our WW1 project finished in 2017, but the results of our research are available on our website, at is a linear walk, which starts outside Clements Hall on Nunthorpe Road.  It finishes at Beresford Terrace, off Bishopthorpe Road, where it is a short walk to the shops and cafes on Bishopthorpe Road. There is a bus route along Bishopthorpe Road and a number 11 or 26 bus will take you to and from the city centre.There are benches at various places, and the walk is suitable for wheelchair users. Start the walk on Nunthorpe Road outside Clements Hall.

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