Ash Cemetery and Churchyard Trail

Aldershot, England, United Kingdom
Est. 601m / 12 mins / Map

Ash Cemetery and Churchyard Trail - Cya On The Road

This audio guide will take you on a short walk around the Ash Cemetery and St. Peter's Churchyard located on Ash Church Road in the village of Ash in Surrey.Every grave in this cemetery is a memorial to a person or people who lived and worked in the local area over the past 200 years or more. They built and shaped our community and each one has a fascinating story to tell and a history that might surprise you.In this tour, we will visit some of the most important memorials in the cemetery, learn how they relate to the village today and discover some of the strange and curious stories attached to the individuals involved. Please remember that every grave and memorial is the resting place of a person or people who were once living and treat their final resting places with respect.Please stick to the main paths where you can but if you do wish to have a closer look a memorial, tread carefully, avoiding where the person was buried, sticking to the edges between the headstones.My name is Mr Chapman and I will be your guide today through the fascinating history of Ash Cemetery and St. Peter's Churchyard. 

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