Marazion longer tour when the tide is out - history, stories and culture.

Marazion, England, United Kingdom
Est. 5.2km / 1 hr 43 mins

Marazion longer tour when the tide is out - history, stories and culture. - Cya On The Road

Welcome to one of the oldest chartered towns in the UK.This tour is around 3.2 miles and will take 127  minutes. There are two choices - the first is this tour - the long tour that is also designed for when the tide is out so you can explore hidden beaches. The shorter version which is half the distance and half the time - is also available on this app - and is designed for those in more of a hurry and avoids the beaches so you don't get your feet wet.For such a small town, Marazion is replete with history, culture, art, connections to royalty and a vibrant and thriving community who strive to make the lives of others better.Thanks to nestling next to the historic and awe-inspiring St Michael’s Mount, Marazion attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors to its streets where locals work tirelessly to make it a fabulous town to live, work, stay and visit.Marazion, a town of 1,440 people, is set in the furthest southwest corner of Cornwall in the heart of the stunning Mounts Bay. It is abuzz with history, community, passion and inspiration. Marazion is home to thriving communities of artists, kite surfers, sailors, rowers, people who love fresh air and breathtaking coastal walks.Despite the relatively small size, there is something for anyone and everyone to come and enjoy whether they are from Marazion or beyond. The town boasts a sailing club, gig rowing club, a snooker club, a choir, distinct and historic pubs, a Quaker meeting house, Methodist and C of E church, a football club and much more to make sure everyone in the community is catered for. People in Marazion are fiercely proud of their town, their history and where they live. They adore showing off this incredible part of the world to others and do it with a friendliness and smile that can make even the sternest heart melt. Marazion is an extraordinarily special place as anyone who has visited or lived here can vouch for. Come with me on a tour of the town that the Daily Mail in January 2022 described as one of Britain's oldest and prettiest towns.

by Marazion
One of the oldest towns in the UK

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