Platform 10 (wear headphones for full effect)

London, England, United Kingdom
Est. 1.4km / 35 mins / Map

Platform 10 (wear headphones for full effect) - Cya On The Road

Please be aware that some of the sounds you will hear through your headphones have been amplified or fabricated to create an immersive storytelling experience.Platform 10 is a sound walk set within North London’s Parkland Walk – a green corridor following an abandoned railway line. Along the way you will discover hidden stories, voices and rhythms of the Parkland Walk you're guided through an alluring commute starting at the derelict train platforms at Crouch End Hill.Following narrated instructions, we invite you to join an audio experience where reality and fiction coexist through a collection of stories and sounds inspired by the memories and perspectives of Parkland Walk users. As you move, look and think in unison with the narrator, the sense of self is heightened but also put into question – whose reality are you embodying? Which sounds are constructed and which ones are real? The project aims to inspire civic engagement and speculate the future of the Parkland Walk. It does so by inviting the audience to tune in and join the project’s Listening Club, a free members group which aims to platform the voices of the surrounding community members through sound and radio.>> Receive updates on the Platform 10 Listening Group <<

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