There's More to Morden: Heritage Trail 1

Morden, England, United Kingdom; London, England, United Kingdom
Est. 2.2km / 44 mins / Map

There's More to Morden: Heritage Trail 1 - Cya On The Road

This trail has been produced as part of "There's More to Morden," a Neighbourhood Fund project designed by Merton Heritage Service to engage people with over 100 years of local heritage.Working with volunteers and community partners, we are creating displays in local shops and parks, web resources and guided walks to raise awareness of Morden's unique history.Arriving by car, bus or train you are now in the modern town centre, however before 1926 Morden was a small rural community on the main road from London to Epsom. This area was chiefly open fields and farmland, with a few cottages. Occupied by the gentry and wealthy businessmen. larger properties like Morden Hall and Morden Park House, were set in picturesque grounds near the Wandle, or the historic heart of the village by St.Lawrence church.To commence this tour please head for the forecourt of Merton Civic Centre.

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