IC Art

Manchester, England, United Kingdom
Est. 629m / 14 mins / Map

IC Art - Cya On The Road

The district of Irlam and Cadishead is home to several large scale unique and impressive pieces of art thanks to the collaborative working of HDT with local skilled artist Rachelle Cleary.Rachelle was tasked with researching local history and producing large scale art pieces that showcased the area’s rich heritage from the time of the industrial revolution including the railways, Manchester Ship Canal, and former industries such as the Steelworks, CWS Soap Works and Margarine Works and many more. The finished pieces are stunning and brighten up the district, as well as showcasing the history of the area. The pieces are largescale yet detailed and intricate in their attention to times gone by.All artworks pieces are on full public view and are free to enjoy.

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