Dunoon and the fight for women's suffrage: Suffrage Trail

Dunoon, Scotland, United Kingdom
Est. 271m / 13 mins

Dunoon and the fight for women's suffrage: Suffrage Trail - Cya On The Road

Have you ever wanted to learn about Dunoon’s connection to the suffragettes, who fought for women to gain the right to vote in British parliamentary elections from the late nineteenth century onwards? Why not see the town through their eyes with the new trail from Castle House Museum!  This edition of the walking trail has been created to celebrate International Women's Day 2023.  It leads the participants through Argyll Street, which is the main street of the town, and along the way four stops are encountered which highlight a connection between Dunoon and the work of the suffragettes- where they gathered, campaigned, and supported the cause. These stops are not all that Dunoon has to offer in relation to its suffragette connection: there are an additional three stops covered in our trail booklet, which is avaliable for £3 from Castle House Museum. (For International Women's Day, they are also avaliable at The Burgh Hall- which is the final stop on our tour!) 

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