Welcome to New Orleans, Louisiana!

New Orleans, LA, United States
Est. 4.4km / 1 hr 15 mins / Map

Welcome to New Orleans, Louisiana! - Cya On The Road

Hello from the land of festivals and celebrations, New Orleans! Often referred to as the most unique city, it has the biggest and most important port in the country and is the largest metropolitan area in Louisiana. The city got its name from the Duke of Orleans who governed as regent for King Louis XV of France. French colonists established a settlement which was strongly influenced by their European culture. The city is known for the French and Spanish Creole architecture and varied art, music, and literature heritage. The city is also recognized for its peculiar cuisine, the birthplace of the music genre jazz, and has annual fiestas and celebrations. The most famous festival held each year, Mardi Gras, dates back from the French colonial era. So, let’s start our journey? First off, museums! We will be touring around four of New Orleans most popular museums on our very first excursionLicenses:Photo Sunrise in New Orleans, Louisiana by vxla is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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